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Just starting out April 26, 2009

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There are so many blogs out there and so many people writing different things with vastly different opinions. So the question is obvious, even for the most confident among us. 

Why blog? What do I have to add to the ever expanding noise of the self proclaimed experts of the blogosphere?

I get so quickly annoyed by all the know-it-alls that think their opinion is the answer to everything, but yet they appear to be so frightfully uninformed on even the most basic subjects. So I have to honestly ask myself. Am I one of these obnoxious know-it-alls? 

After careful and sobering consideration the answer is probably yes. I do think that I know more than the average person, and even more sobering is the fact that my writing is probably not terribly gripping. I havent published books that really explore intimately the human psyche. There is nothing that really sets me apart from the rest of the herd of people pecking away at their keyboards on a cheap laptop on their kitchen counter.

However, I am still choosing to write.

Partly because I do believe that the world needs more people that have a respect for science and critical thinking, but yet feel reluctant to competely throw spirituality away. But also I do it for myself – to explore my own ideas in a public forum where they can be criticized some and hopefully complemented as well.  Maybe this will make me feel part of this movement of humanity toward a broader understanding of who we are.  

In any case, I am here. Adding my voice to the ever expanding blogoshpere.



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