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Shards of Reason May 12, 2009

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Emotion vs Reason….

Maybe even as Jean Paul Sarte’s character in “Nausea” sat in a bar listening to each note of his favorite song flicker into existence and then die almost in the same instance it was born. 

Or is it more like Emenim rapping on stage, trying to seize the moment, freeze it and own it, squeeze it and hold it.

I think of the proletariat chanting “Workers of the Word – Unite”, as that spectre continued to haunt Europe, but back before the spit and bloodshed, when equality was a dream only the most audacious dared to have.

And then there were the beatniks- those holy bhikhus – crazy zen poets – those angel headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night.

Because you see all of time is a wave of emotion rushing past the generations of crying mamas and stern papas tucking their innocent children in at night. Huddled in the warm corners of homes dotted all throughout this giant lonely world.

And shards of reason – or maybe just pop culture flood my mind like the crowds at a Phish concert.

So you ask me, what wins emotion or reason? 

And I think of those quiet times, those sad somber lonely times spent is solitude and tears, and like God breathes life into Adam, I breathe life into the dusty pages of dead Dada poets. And I drink from the spirit of their lives, and my sadness becomes a holy sadness connecting me with the spirits of jolly old men living in caves laughing as their bodies grew old and their minds grew dull and then finally they vanished into that great Sunyata- the smiling Buddha in the sky.

Isn’t the spirit of anything just the spirit of Dada?

So emotions wins every time, and afterall isn’t reason just another smirking face of emotion?



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