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A bit about me

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of the most religiously conservative states in the US. Yet there is a growing number of people that are refusing to naively take part in that archaic way of thinking.

I like to think that I am on the forefront of that intellectual war. In the foxholes you could say, and yes, my hands are a little bloody.

I grew up LDS (mormon for those not familiar Utah culture). I served two years preaching to the humble people of South America about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and Christ’s visit to the Americas. I then graduated from BYU (The Mormon owned university). But somewhere along the lines I decided that Mormonism, and for that part religion was not for me. I have since renounced all fairies, trolls, devils, angels, gold plates, ghosts, goblins, Gods, heaven, hell, Zues, prophets, lamanites, nephites, and the list goes on.

Basically I think that the world that we can see and observe is all we can really talk concretely about, anything else is just speculation, and from my experience dangerous speculation at that. 

By now you probably have no problem guessing what type of person I am. Yep that is right an infidel, an apostate, an athiest. But before you get too carried away with whatever stereotype you have associated with those words. I am not the completely cold academic performing indifferent surgery on every human emotion and belief, attending conferences, and making jokes about the small minded people living in the bible belt. 

I think religion or, for those of you allergic to that word, spirituality can provide meaning and happiness to peoples lives. It provides a context where people can have community and share a common morality. People can find strenght in relationships and feel like they are part of something grander than themselves. The real problem with religion is that it is too easily hijacked by absurd versions of reality. 

And that is a nutshell is what I write about. How to find new ways to be religious while not compromising our intellectual triumphs.



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