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Changing Religions April 27, 2009

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I read some new today that cheered me up:

Survey: Half of U.S. adults have switched religions

Check it out –


This is great, it shows people are becoming less inclined to just believe whatever they were taught. People are less afraid of questioning and are bold enough to follow new paths.

I read once that the reason that US people still remain relatively religious, where in other developed countries (Europe) people have pretty much abandoned their churches altogether is because of the religious diversity in the US. What happens is that in the US churches need to evolve. They need to provide something useful to their congregations otherwise people just go somewhere else.  Basically there are market pressures to increase the relevancy of US religions. So European churches just grew old and stale, when US churches changed with the times and doing so brought in new converts.

I don’t know how true that is, but I like it. Churches that reject evolution, or ones that become too overbearing will die away slowly, simply because they don’t provide anything useful to their congregations.